danny-roberts-dtla(Image: NNN)

Danny Roberts, the star of The Real World: New Orleans, recently sat down with NewNowNext to talk about his time on the famed reality show. Fans may remember him for being the out roommate with a closeted boyfriend in the military. Their relationship, while featured on the show, captured a gay world before the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

On whether he would write a memoir about his time on the show:

No but I would love to write a script loosely based on the events of my life that occurred when I moved to NYC in 2007 and had my identity stolen by a stalker who proceeded to make my life a scary and confusing hell for the next year or so. Word to the wise, when the police suggest to you that a stalker is probably a close friend or associate, believe them and don’t believe that everyone in your life is who they say they are.

On whether or not he’s stayed in touch with his housemates:

Yep, Kelley is and will forever be like a sister to me… The rest of my cast, not so much but I hope they’re well and wish I knew what is happening in their lives. I hope that Julie hasn’t returned to her backwards mormon ways.

On the difference between being on a reality television show in 2000 and being on one in 2013:

There’s no such thing as “reality” any more in reality tv. Everyone has grown up watching it and we’ve all seen how these shows are edited and what garners attention, etc. People who are cast on these shows today are merely behaving as they feel the audience wants them to behave. It’s self-scripted reality tv now. Plus everyone is hyper aware of how they’ll be portrayed/viewed so everyone is very gaurded in what they reveal.

On anything he would have down differently during his time in New Orleans:

I wish I had been more engaged with the city and had explored more. I sort of shut down and holed up from shell shock. 

Check out more of the interview, in which he discusses acting and his sexy scenes on the LOGO series, DTLA.