boyscouts3872735The Boy Scouts have rejected a troop application because the sponsoring group is an LGBT community center.

The Utah Pride Center petitioned to start a troop for middle-schoolers and, well aware of the BSA’s ban on out members and staff, brought in a straight volunteer to act as troop leader. Pride Center director Valerie Larabee even promised the troop would follow the dictates of the BSA’s ban.

But that didn’t cut it for the Boy Scouts.

The Scouts’ Great Salt Lake Council returned the entire application intact just four days later, reports the Salt Lake City Tribune. “Based on the mission of the [Utah Pride Center], we do not believe a chartered partner relationship is beneficial to Scouting,” wrote BSA spokesman Deron Smith.

So no gays scouts, no gay troop leaders and no gay groups helping out. Are scouts even allowed to have gay people in their family?