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A Glimpse Inside the Future Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq:
The New York City version of Brooklyn Bowl just received quite an accolade: The entertainment venue just made Rolling Stone’s elite list of “Venues That Rock.” See the full list.
The great news for Vegas fans is that center-Strip is getting a Brooklyn Bowl all its own. The massive entertainment complex will open in The Linq in early 2014. Learn more about The Linq.

Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas
This blog tends to like logos with bling.

We got a first peek inside the Brooklyn Bowl space under construction at The Linq, and thought we’d share it to give a sense of the eye-popping scale of the place.

Brooklyn Bowl
Our eyes were actually on the verge of popping, and we were just getting started.

While the name might have “Bowl” in it, and bowling (32 lanes and two stories!) will certainly be a big draw at Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq, that’s just the beginning of what’s expected to make this new venue an essential part of any Vegas visit.

Brooklyn Bowl
Two levels, for your concert-viewing pleasure.

Brooklyn Bowl at The Linq will feature a 2,000 person performance area, food we can’t wait to devour from Bromberg Bros. Blue Ribbon Restaurants, and events ranging from all-ages bowling during the day to a nightclub vibe at night.
Remember, the New York location was called “one of the most incredible places on Earth” by Rolling Stone, and they tend to know their incredible, especially when it comes to live music.

Brooklyn Bowl
We are atingle with anticipation. That’s all Brooklyn Bowl, baby!

Brooklyn Bowl is set to become a jaw-dropping addition to the impressive line-up of residents in The Linq, and we can’t wait to see it spring to life over the coming months.