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Come for the party, stay for the laughs. Carlos’n Charlie’s restaurant at Flamingo Las Vegas has the best sense of humor of any restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip, and we’ve got photographic proof.

Carlos'n Charlie's

Just to set the tone.

Obviously, we’re not dealing with your run-of-the-mill Las Vegas restaurant here.

Carlos'n Charlie's

Carlos'n Charlie's keeps its tongue planted firmly in its cheek.

When you enter Carlos’n Charlie’s, it’s immediately clear you’re required to have a good time.

Carlos'n Charlie's

Cash or credit card.

Make sure to stroll out onto the restaurant’s patio, where more amusement awaits. Related: Carlos’n Charlie’s recently got a new DJ booth outside, which should amp up the party even more. Fair warning.

Carlos'n Charlie's

Photo ops galore, obviously.

Carlos’n Charlie’s is full of surprises. For example (spoiler alert!), the quarter pictured below. Just a quarter, right? Not at Carlos’n Charlie’s. Trying to pick this one up will result in not only a hernia, but also a certain amount of public humiliation. It’s permanently affixed to the floor.

Carlos'n Charlie's

This blog would never fall for a prank like this, and that's the story we're sticking to.

And our final amusing thing at Carlos’n Charlie’s? A heartwarming sentiment in the restaurant’s gift shop.

Carlos'n Charlie's

Oh, like you haven't had that feeling.

Oh, and Carlos’n Charlie’s also serves food and drinks. We probably should’ve mentioned that. Stop by when you’re at Flamingo Las Vegas.