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Ah, the best of both worlds — Marky Mark née Wahlberg

The only thing better than a hot underwear model is a celebrity who looks like a hot underwear model. Or is it the other way around? We can’t decide!

Who says we have to choose? Our friends at The Underwear Expert put together their top five list of underwear model celebrity lookalikes, and scoping these dudes side-by-side, we realized we love hot underwear models and their famous doppelgangers with equal fervor.

Check out the full list of picks below and visit The Underwear Expert for more model photos and celebrity underwear sightings.


Our first example features Matt Bomer in a stretched out white collar and model Billy Walsh in no collar at all, both looking pretty killer in black and white.



Chord Overstreet and model Tim Hamilton looking wet, wild, and like a hot male version of the Olsen twins.



Next we have Lenny Kravitz and model Luke Bontius. With a little more ink and the right pair of shades, Luke could be ready to take on Lenny in a non-forthcoming biopic.



As much as we’d like to see Andrew Garfield in his underpants, we also wouldn’t mind seeing model Craig Smith in a Spidey suit. Who’d know the difference?



Many have copped the personal style of Madonna’s holy offspring, including this model known simply as Tyler. If we’re counting from the ‘year of our Lord,’ it’s literally a look as old as time.

Photo Credit: Thomas Synnamon, Son Appariel, Burberry, Quarter Homme, Nikolai de Vera.